Save To Notion

Save your favorites Tweets and Threads to your Notion Workspace!

  • Save Tweets and thread
  • Categorize them with tags
  • Save privately via DM
  • Find everything in one DB
  • Save Reddit posts
  • Save privately via DM
  • Store comments threads
  • Categorize posts with tags
  • Save telegram content
  • Connect multiple database
  • Edit properties, add blocks
  • Search, delete and restore


Twitter is full of insights, but it's complicated to be managed in the bookmark. @SaveToNotion solve it and now released saving via DM. It works!

Ever since I've come across @SaveToNotion , Twitter has become a better place for me 😍

Life has become easier since I discovered @SaveToNotion
It's an easier way to bookmark and save invaluable twitter threads that I see.
They are all saved to my @NotionHQ board and I can read/ access them when I need inspo or a good read.

I love this tool for quickly saving tweets and threads to my Notion database. I can also add custom tags to those tweets to filter and sort it better while learning from them in future. Are you using this already?

imullinati @ichsanmulia

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